Here's a list of things ExpenseTron can do for you.

ExpenseTron makes your expense claim filing simple and easy. All you need to do is tell @expensetron your expenses and it will automagically categorise it, file it and send it to your manager for approval. 

Claim filing

You just need to send @expensetron messages like spent $35 on lunch meeting with client on 03-25 or spent $13.05 on cab or spent $14.30 on office supplies. An expense snippet will appear for you to confirm. You can also upload the necessary receipt for every claim. If you have multiple receipts, we suggest you create multiple expense claims, each with the required receipt.  

Approvals and rejections

All expense claims are forwarded to managers for approvals. Managers can approve or reject claims as per their discretion. 

Summaries and reports

To view summary of an individual just type summary @username and you'll be presented a summary of expenses for the individual. You can also download these summaries in a csv format by typing report.

Getting help

To talk to our support team just type support and someone from our success team will get in touch with your right away.