Yes. ExpenseTron can scan bills/receipts of almost any format. Some of the common receipts it supports are restaurant bills, uber receipts, parking receipts, flight tickets, department store bills and credit card statements. It supports jpeg, png and pdf file formats. 

On the desktop, just drag-and-drop receipts into Slack. When on a mobile device, you can either click on the camera icon to directly take a picture or simply attach/upload a photo from the device. Once the file is uploaded, ExpenseTron would instantly acknowledge that it has received the file and is scanning it for the expense details and a little while later, come back with the expense confirmation prompt.


  • The scanning usually takes a minute, but at times can take longer. Please do not upload another copy of the receipt because there is a risk of creating a duplicate expense.
  • Sometimes the system will not be able to read a receipt and the receipt would get rejected. This usually happens occasionally with non-English receipts or hand written receipts, though this is rare. If an expense gets rejected by ExpenseTron, please create the expense by typing it up yourself and then attach the receipt to it by clicking the "Upload receipt" button at the confirmation prompt.