Yes we do!

  • You can just forward your receipt to "" using the email id registered with your slack team. 
  • After receiving your receipt we would instantly acknowledge it by sending you a confirmation in Slack and immediately start processing your receipt to extract the relevant details.
  • Once we have processed your receipt, we would send you a confirmation message inside Slack, where you can confirm that we accurately extracted all of the relevant information and then confirm the expense. In case of any discrepancy you can edit the expense details before confirming the expense.

NOTE: Email forwarding is disabled by default and needs to be enabled by the admin on the settings page, which the admin can get to by typing "Settings" and then enabling "Receipt Forwarding" under the Basic Settings section at the top of the page.

TIP: We would recommend that you forward your Uber receipts to Expensetron so that they automatically get expensed.