Note: The Team Administrator is the only one allowed to change the settings. The default team administrator is the user installing the bot (adding the bot to Slack). To change the team administrator, please reach out to your trusty support team by saying "dialm" and asking them to change the team administrator.

The team administrator can get to settings by saying "settings" to ExpenseTron which would give you a link to your dashboard.

Here are some of the basics settings - do try the command to explore more settings.

  • Currency - This allows you to set your default currency, in case the user does not specify any currency when submitting an expense. We support most of the world's currencies. 
  • Finance Role - This role can be assigned to a finance manager, who is responsible for marking manager approved expenses as paid. The expense get created by an employee and then go to their manager for approval (or get auto approved if the employee has specified that she does not have a manager). Once an expense is approved by the manager, the finance manager can then mark the expense as paid, after ensuring that reimbursement has actually been triggered by the company. The finance manager can also pull up a report of all expenses of the entire company
  • Receipt Forwarding - This setting is used to enable or disable the receipt forwarding feature. Learn about more this feature.
  • Date Format - Use this to switch between "MM-DD" and "DD-MM" date format.
  • Edit Mileage Rate - This settings controls the mileage rate that get used for filing mileage expense. Currently this feature is only available to US teams and by default this is set to the IRS rate for the year, which is $0.535/mile for 2017.
  • Other Products - Ah!, this is the best. Click on this to learn about the other bots that we have. Trust us, they are all awesome.