You can also mark multiple expenses as paid by using the following method. 

1. Use command ‘unpaid report from dd-mm-YYYY to dd-mm-YYYY’ to get a list of all unpaid expenses between the given dates. You can also filter expenses filed by a specific person by 'unpaid @username'. 

2. You (or your finance person) can enter your comments/remarks in the ‘Finance manager remark’ column of this report. This step is optional.

3.simply type ‘bulk pay’ after which the bot will ask to drag/drop the file received in 1 (with 2 if required). After a few minutes, all the expenses in the file will be marked as paid.

Another way of marking expenses paid is to do that in your preferred accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks. Once the expense have been marked as paid in the accounting software we automatically update our records as well and notify (in Slack) the employee who submitted the original expense that their expense has now been paid. You learn more about integrating ExpenseTron with Xero and QuickBooks,

NOTE: When using this bulk payment feature, the employees will not be notified about their expenses been paid inside Slack. This feature is most useful for companies that process unpaid expenses along with payroll or in other batched way on a fixed schedule.