You can get a quick summary of your expenses right inside Slack by typing Summary.

To get an Excel (CSV) report just type report and you will get a link to download your expense report. 

If you are a manager and want to see the expense claims of your team, type team report.

The team's admin and designated finance managers will be able to look at the entire company's report by typing team report.

NOTE: The report will be a CSV file that opens with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. It will contain a list of all the expenses along with the name of the employee, the expense category, expense date, and other data such as approved by whom and date of approval. This report contains all expenses that are either submitted by the employee and yet to be approved by the manager as well as those that have been approved already and are now awaiting payment/reimbursement. To get a report of the paid expenses, type "Paid expenses"

Also, read about unpaid expenses and how the finance manager can mark expenses awaiting payment as paid.

It is possible to add more data to reports if needed. Please reach out to the support team by typing "DialM" to ExpenseTron.